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2020 Review

SPAR has reported sales of €39.8 billion for the year ending December 31st 2020, representing a 7.4% increase in revenue on a constant currency basis.

At the end of the year there were 13,501 SPAR branded stores operating across 48 markets worldwide. The brand continued its expansion into new markets launching in Ghana in 2020, with 10 new stores operational by the end of the year. Of the 13,501 SPAR stores operating worldwide, 8,765 are owned and operated by independent retailers.

Despite the challenges of operating through the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of SPAR Countries reported strong growth. Tobias Wasmuht, CEO of SPAR International said: “The response to the COVID-19 pandemic succeeded in highlighting the collective strength of the SPAR family, the competitive advantages of the SPAR multi-format strategy and the critical role of independent retailing in societies and communities across the globe.”

SPAR operates a multi-format strategy. The global portfolio comprises formats tailored to shopping missions and local customer needs: SPAR – the local neighbourhood supermarket; EUROSPAR – the supermarket for weekly family  shopping; INTERSPAR – the hypermarket format; and SPAR Express – the convenience format for high traffic and transient locations.

Proximity retailing, a strength of SPAR, has been a key growth channel during 2020, with sustained solid compound sales growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating further in 2020. This is clearly evident in the chart below, highlighting the share of turnover per format and the growth of each format in sales year-on-year.

The share of global stores, global retail turnover and global retail sales area can be seen below, split into the four regions on which we report: Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa & the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

In the 16 Western European markets where SPAR has a presence, sales grew by an exceptional 12% to €25.7 billion, equating to 64.6% of SPAR’s global turnover. There are a total of 10,034 stores operating under the SPAR Brand in this area.

Continued expansion by the 11 SPAR countries operating across Central and Eastern Europe saw like-for-like sales increase by 8.9% on 2019. The 1,855 stores open in these markets generated retail turnover of €6.24 billion in 2020.

Across Africa and the Middle East, the SPAR Brand deepened its presence in 15 countries and continued its growth trajectory with sales of €6.2 billion – a 2.8% increase on 2019. Across these markets there are 1,097 stores operating under the SPAR Brand.

As the region that first had to contend with the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, SPAR in Asia Pacific produced a solid performance of 1.5% growth over the year and €1.88 billion in retail turnover.  The average store size grew by 11.54% in 2020 to 1,842 square metres.

Future outlook

As we look to the future, we do so with confidence. SPAR has shown great resilience during the crisis of 2020 and has prospered and grown. With accelerated developments in retail and across our supply chain, we are well placed to build on this strong foundation. A key positive factor of the last year has been the benefits of close international cooperation wrought by new, remote ways of working. The advantages of this intensity of cooperation are beneficial to all within SPAR as we increasingly reap the benefits of our international presence and scale, whilst adding purposeful value to the local communities we serve.