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Targeting the Environment

As a global retailer, SPAR is in a position to make a significant contribution towards reducing negative environmental impacts through tackling issues surrounding waste. Our SPAR Partners have launched a number of initiatives focused on waste reduction, with an emphasis on food waste, the development of durable and sustainable packaging, and recycling.

Tackling Food Waste

Food waste occurs at all levels from production right through to consumption. In understanding that this has significant impacts on the environment, SPAR’s dedicated initiatives and projects target this issue at all levels. The introduction of creative food waste schemes in SPAR stores still provide consumers with the high-quality products they expect but significantly impacts food waste reduction for both fresh and long-life products. In attempts to also make significant impacts at production and processing levels, SPAR is leading the way in providing support to small-scale farmers and is committed to reducing post-harvest loss, through dedicated projects.

Sustainable Packaging

Our SPAR Partners are adopting innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. A key focus is the provision of durable shopping bags, which significantly reduce negative environmental impacts in terms of both production and waste. The introduction of sustainable product packaging has been similarly important, with partners making use of bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, and waste reducing product packaging.

Recycling Programmes

To further combat waste, SPAR Partners have significantly stepped-up their recycling initiatives – working with and educating customers on reducing negative environmental impacts through tailored recycling programmes. Our recycling efforts provide win-win situations for all parties involved, tackling environmental issues to the benefit of local communities.

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