SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland has undergone several changes since being founded in 1989 when the licence was granted to a family-owned business operating solely in the German speaking part of the country.

In 2000, the family-owned business was transformed into a holding company with three operating companies: SPAR Handels AG, TopCC AG and SPAR Management AG. The business grew further, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets.

Then in early 2016, SPAR Switzerland announced the sale of 60% of shares to SPAR South Africa. The existing management team and shareholders remain involved in the business.

Highlights 2019

In its 30th year of operation, SPAR Switzerland ended 2019 with 186 stores amounting to a total retail sales area of 70,137m2 and combined retail sales of €492 million.

Increased focus was placed on store modernisation and the implementation of new concepts such as a full-service bakery solution and the SPAR Natural product line in stores, to meet consumer demand for fresh and healthy organic food. The year also saw the successful launch of SPAR Switzerland’s customer loyalty card.

SPAR Switzerland was awarded the 2019 Lean & Green Award at the 14th General Assembly of GS1 for its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions across logistics and transport. SPAR Switzerland also entered into a partnership with Too Good To Go, a company striving to curb food waste.


SPAR Handels AG
Schlachthofstrasse 12
9015 St. Gallen
Telephone: 00 41 71 313 7711


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