Partnering with SPAR International as a preferred supplier links your business to a global retail network of entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation.

Doing business with SPAR

SPAR operates wholesale and retail businesses internationally. In order to work effectively with us, you’ll need to understand our strategic objectives and our company culture, and have a close working relationship with your local contacts. Our teams work tirelessly to identify the best products for our customers from suppliers across the globe.

With a passion for regional and local products, SPAR works closely with our suppliers to stock products locally and we support our suppliers to grow internationally by giving them access to markets across the globe. We support suppliers in navigating international product regulations and movement. SPAR works closely with suppliers to ensure that our customers know they are buying goods produced without exploitation in acceptable and sustainable working conditions.

FMCG & Own Brand Suppliers

Partnership is vital for a global organisation like SPAR. Wholesalers, Retailers and Manufacturers are key partners for the further development of SPAR on an international level. With all of these we build Partnerships, looking for everybody to benefit.

SPAR International offers guidance on category positioning for SPAR Own Brand, challenger brands, fresh as well for FMCG Products. In cooperation with our country organisations and our in-house design teams, full instore communication materials are developed.

SPAR International provides additional services to meet specific SPAR country organisation demands through consolidated warehouses in Europe. This service enables SPAR country organisations to deepen and directly extend their offer of SPAR, tertiary and FMCG Products on a global scale.

The main focus, however, is on the buying power and how this can be used to get the best international deal to benefit all SPAR country organisations.

Preferred Supplier Programme - Non-commercial

Our international Preferred Supplier Programme is co-ordinated through the SPAR Procurement Services division, expanding support for our SPAR country organisations, and ensuring the latest products, services and equipment are available for use in our warehouses and in our stores to serve our customers. Our preferred suppliers offer refrigeration, shop fitting, lighting, vehicle tracking, customer insight and data analysis products.

Through the Preferred Supplier Programme, we work with suppliers and the SPAR country organisations on engagement and developments plans that maximise opportunities for all parties, through rebate and collective buying possibilities.
We are always looking for new suppliers to add to the Programme, increasing the breadth of solutions on offer to SPAR country organisations.

Own Brand


SPAR Own Brand ranges

SPAR International work with suppliers to build on the existing range of Own Brand products offered through SPAR InterGroup Services.

This rapidly growing area of retail provides a wealth of opportunities for preferred suppliers, giving them access to the global SPAR country organisations. We work with suppliers in a number of different ways to ensure that the right product is available at the right time and right price, depending on market needs.


Design and development of packaging is carried out in-house, taking into consideration legal and regulatory requirements around Own Brand products. There can be different labels for one product, ensuring that irrespective of the region, there is a SPAR Own Brand product meeting those needs available.

Preferred suppliers fit into the quality testing programme of SPAR International applies to own brand products, which is an ongoing process. We work in partnership with a global quality testing firm, ensuring that our product specifications are always maintained.


SPAR International Challenger Brand Programme

As part of the Buying Better Together strategy, SPAR actively collaborates with Challenger Brands. These on-trend brands are disruptors in their respective categories, outperforming their established competitors and growing market share thanks to innovative NPD and savvy marketing.

Challenger Brands are young companies that challenge established large FMCG brands, changing the marketplace’s status quo. By introducing these highly innovative brands to SPAR markets and our global logistical network, SPAR International supports relative newcomers in gaining access to new regions, facilitating their growth outside their home markets.

This partnership benefits SPAR country organisations worldwide by offering on-top bonuses, fast growth, and on-trend products. However, it also balances the category dominance of FMCG brands, helping boost innovation in the marketplace and offer SPAR customers a wider variety of highly innovative products.

SPAR International uses strict criteria to select the right brands with both the ambition and capacity to become an international Challenger Brand and thus a preferred supplier. For more information on the programme, please send us an email.

Case Studies

To read more about the SPAR International Challenger Brand Programme and some of the
highly innovative brands involved, please see the case studies below.

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