Supply chain

The supply chain, an intricate system that ensures the efficient movement of products from suppliers to customers, is at the heart of the retail industry. A well functioning supply chain is essential, maximising on-shelf availability and ensuring the cost-effective delivery of the right quantity of products at the right time. The supply chain also plays an important role in tracking products and ensuring food safety.

Warehouse Operations

SPAR operates a network of warehouses - chilled, frozen, ambient and general - holding up to 55,000 products. Supporting the core values of freshness, choice, quality and service, the SPAR warehouses worldwide operate fresh supply chains designed to get products from the field to the customer in the shortest possible time, to maximise freshness and product life.

Our ambient and general merchandise operations are designed to maximise product availability through fast, frequent and store-friendly deliveries. These take place through a network of import centres and national and regional warehouses.

Supply Chain Sustainability

The environmental impacts of our supply chain operations is a key concern of ours. We work closely with suppliers to coordinate in-bound deliveries to our warehouses and out-bound deliveries to our stores, reducing empty vehicle mileage and minimising our carbon footprint.

We also work with our suppliers, warehouses and stores to minimise food waste by making sure the right products, in the right quantities are delivered on time.