About Us

SPAR International licences independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers who work together in partnership under the SPAR Brand to provide a high quality, value for money shopping experience for the communities we serve.

SPAR International’s mission is to ensure that the brand SPAR remains the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain and that we continue to grow our brand, our presence and our partners by working together to enhance the competitiveness, productivity and profitability of our retail and wholesale partners worldwide.

The country organisations licensed to operate the SPAR brand form the world’s leading voluntary food retail chain. The business started with one Dutch store in 1932 and now comprises more than 13,900 stores in over 48 countries on four continents. The development of the SPAR brand has been underpinned by a set of values that have guided the organisation since its establishment over 90 years ago. At the heart of these core values is the commitment of licensed SPAR independent entrepreneurs to collaborate in all areas of wholesale and retail to ensure we serve our local communities with passion while being authentic in all we do.

Global yet local

The driving force of the success of the network of independent retailers and wholesalers licensed to operate the SPAR brand is the close co-operation at a local level in meeting the needs of their customers. SPAR licensees are passionate about retailing and the brand is driven by committed independent retailers who win the trust and friendship of their communities. Through a commitment to outstanding service and excellence in fresh foods, SPAR licensed retailers meet the needs of all of their customers.

The consistent execution of the SPAR Brand attributes of freshness, choice, quality and service attracts the custom and loyalty of consumers all over the world. Whatever the country and retail format, stores trading under the SPAR brand offer consumers a wide range and selection of quality fresh foods and friendly, personal service.

SPAR licensed organisations continue to innovate in their markets, bringing the brand to an increasingly growing number of customers around the world. This local innovation on a global scale truly makes SPAR a brand which is global, yet local.

Our philosophy

The story of the SPAR brand in the early years is the story of founder, Adriaan van Well, an innovative Dutch wholesaler with a clear vision for the future of the brand. He was inspired by a simple yet powerful philosophy based on the concept of voluntary retailing: Independent wholesalers and retailers can achieve more by working together than working alone. This vision of benefiting from working in co-operation, uniting resources and scale, remains the philosophy of licensees operating the SPAR brand today.