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Sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship is part of SPAR’s commitment to encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle. Global awareness of the SPAR Brand is achieved through digital and print coverage of sport sponsorship.

SPAR International is principal sponsor of European Athletics and has been since 1996. This long-term support of athletes across 50 federations in Europe reflects the SPAR ethos of working together for mutual benefit. The passion that European Athletics and the athletes have for the sport comes through in everything they do; be it on the track or in the field. This kind of passion and belief in working together is also seen throughout the global SPAR family.

A new deal has been signed between SPAR International and European Athletics that extends their partnership for another eight years, until 2027.This is the first time the contract has been signed for eight years – a sign of major commitment on the brand’s part to facilitating healthy lifestyles through sport. Read full story.

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