The Training & Development of our People

As an international group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers, working together in partnership helps drive our knowledge sharing, which further helps us fulfil our role as a responsible retailer. Our goal is to develop and grow people within SPAR whilst actively contributing to our communities.

Knowledge Sharing

With the continued growth of SPAR, our partners worldwide have found more opportunities for collaboration, working better together as one big SPAR family. The exchanging of retail knowledge and best practices helps to build better relationships, which is fundamental to SPAR as the world’s largest voluntary retail chain. Through continuous knowledge sharing, we are able to adapt and implement new and innovative solutions known to be best practice wherever we are.

Employee Development

As part of our commitment to employee development, many SPAR operators have launched SPAR Training Academies, which provide our team members with new skills and opportunities for self-development.

While apprentices of our SPAR Academies are trained to become specialists in retail and supply chain operations, they are also given a chance to gain additional knowledge about other aspects of the business. Thanks to these training programmes, our employees are equipped with the skills that allow them to provide customers with a better shopping experience through an enhanced understanding and knowledge of our services and products.

This has further been translated into virtual platforms, whereby online training academies can now support physical training – allowing broader training and accessibility to best practices globally.

Community Programmes & Equal Opportunities

Some SPAR partners offer community training programmes for unemployed job seekers – empowering them with the right skills to successfully enter the retail industry. Across SPAR, we are committed to providing equal employment and growth opportunities. At SPAR, we oppose any discrimination against applicants or employees based on race, age, colour, sex, region, or national origin.

As a global retail business, operating independently under a unified brand, we are committed to ensuring inclusivity and equality across all our operations. We value diversity and aim to provide equal opportunities to all current and prospective employees.


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