SPAR Switzerland new main sponsor of Cycling Team East

February 16, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

In an exciting collaboration, SPAR Switzerland is the new main sponsor of Cycling Team East (CTO), further promoting road cycling in Eastern Switzerland.

In the spirit of ‘Better Together’ this partnership signifies a shared commitment to promoting sports and extends beyond financial support.

Fostering Talent and Diversity 

Established four years ago by passionate cycling enthusiasts, CTO has rapidly evolved into a key player in road cycling. The team, comprising talents as young as ten years old to seasoned cyclists in the Masters category, represent a diverse range of athletes dedicated to the development of amateur-level cycling. Team leader Markus Rohner emphasises the team’s dedication to knowledge transfer, youth development, and the explicit support of women in cycling.

Revitalizing Cycling 

Cycling has experienced a surge in popularity in Switzerland. With SPAR as the main sponsor, CTO is poised to enhance its efforts to promote the sport in Eastern Switzerland. This strategic collaboration aligns perfectly with both partners sharing common values and interests.

SPAR Switzerland CEO Rob Philipson expresses enthusiasm for this venture. “We have a longstanding commitment to promoting sport, notably handball, and expanded this two years ago with the sponsorship of the Swiss Epic. With our partnership with CTO, we look forward to even more actively supporting cycling. Our involvement extends beyond sponsorship; we aim to embody the ‘Better Together’ spirit and support amateur cyclists at local events.”

Source: SPAR Switzerland

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About SPAR Switzerland

SPAR Switzerland was founded in 1989. The business grew, combining corporate and independently owned stores, spanning forecourt retailing to large supermarkets. Since 2016, SPAR Switzerland has been a subsidiary of SPAR Group Ltd Southern Africa.

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