SPAR Slovenia supports the clean-up of the Ljubljanica river

May 2, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing

SPAR Slovenia again supported the 33rd clean-up of the Ljubljanica river together with divers, fishermen, firefighters and other volunteers on April 20, with almost 1,000kg of waste collected during the campaign.

Long lasting commitment

SPAR Slovenia has cooperated with the Slovenian Diving Association since 2017, striving to preserve the natural habitat of local rivers and lakes. This year, approximately 100 divers, fishermen, firefighters and other volunteers took part in the cleaning of the Ljubljanica river and its enbankments.

This year’s campaign also included a cultural programme which included  presentations from the different groups taking part.  The event ended with a traditional gathering at the Barje Fishermen’s Home, where participants could discuss the success of the clean-up campaign.   

Through other initiatives such as the annual clean-up of the Krka River, as well as Lake Bled, SPAR Slovenia further supports such environmental initiatives.  

Less waste each year

The President of the Underwater Activities Association, Vivera Miro Potočnik, commented that he is pleased that each year there is less waste collected. At the start of the clean-up campaign 33 years ago, about 4,000kg of garbage was collected, with this year’s total amounting to just under 1,000kg. For the first time, participants of the campaign also managed to collect waste under the Ljubljana market.   

Next year, the campaign is planned to expand even further and the Underwater Activities Association is grateful that it is possible with the support of SPAR Slovenia. 

Source: SPAR Slovenia.

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About SPAR Slovenia

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