SPAR and European Athletics celebrate 25 years of partnership

August 11, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR has been the principal sponsor of European Athletics since 1996, a relationship celebrating 25 years in 2021. This long-standing partnership demonstrates major commitment on the brand’s part to facilitating healthy lifestyles through sport. Since the partnership began, 76 events have been sponsored by the retail brand.

The various sporting events each year which are supported in the partnership not only increase awareness of the SPAR Brand globally, but also provide opportunities for SPAR Partners to support their national athletes. SPAR internationally is keen to not only support professional athletes, but sporting enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, and this has grown over time to include local, regional and national sport.

Today, SPAR’s partnership with European Athletics sees them sponsor events including;

  • The European Athletics Indoor Championships (held every two years)
  • The European Athletics Championships (held every two years)
  • SPAR European Cross-Country Championships (held annually)
  • European Athletics Team Championships (held every two years)

Celebrating 25 years

Commenting on the partnership, SPAR International CEO Tobias Wasmuht said: “We are delighted to mark our 25th year in partnership with European Athletics this year. Our long-standing relationship demonstrates our commitment to promoting health and wellness in the communities we serve and in facilitating healthy lifestyles through sport. As a responsible retailer, SPAR has always been a destination for customers seeking healthy lifestyle solutions and through our partnership with European Athletics, SPAR is closely aligned with healthy living.”

European Athletics Interim President Dobromir Karamarinov, said: “In 1996, former European Athletics President Carl-Olaf Homen (now an Honorary President) signed the initial partnership contract between European Athletics and SPAR with the hope that it would lead to a long and fruitful cooperation. Today, a quarter of a century later, I am pleased to say that the relationship has far exceeded our initial expectations and I look forward to many more years of us working together.”

European Athletics CEO Christian Milz also commented, saying “The partnership between SPAR and European Athletics is one of the longest lasting alliances in the world of sport.  This is a testament to the success of our relationship and I would like to thank SPAR for their unmatched contribution to both European Athletics and our sport over the last 25 years.  We are very grateful for their continuing commitment in promoting and supporting athletics.”

Continued commitment

In 2019, SPAR also undertook to support some of the age Championships which provides young talent with a platform to compete. This announcement was made on the occasion of the contract extension, affirming the brand’s commitment to facilitating healthy lifestyles through sport.

The passion that European Athletics and the athletes have for the sport comes through in everything they do; be it on the track or in the field. This kind of passion and belief in working together is also seen throughout the global SPAR family.

Source: SPAR International and European Athletics

SPAR International is the world’s largest food retail voluntary chain with over 13,500 stores worldwide and global retail sales of €39.8 billion in 2020. SPAR International unites and operates in partnership with independent retailers by working together to share global scale and expertise to enhance the competitiveness of its retail partners worldwide and build the SPAR brand internationally.

European Athletics is the governing body for the sport of athletics on the continent and is comprised of 51 Member Federations. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, it was founded in 1970 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. All continental athletics championships in Europe come under the auspices of European Athletics, including the European Athletics Championships which will celebrate its 25th edition in the German city of Munich in August 2022.

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