Supporting Sports

SPAR’s commitment to the sponsorship of the European Athletics Championships forms an integral part of the emphasis we place on the promotion of exercise. As such, SPAR has developed the SPARK Kids Athletics Park (SPARK), a sports programme which promotes athletics to future generations. In close co-operation with local SPAR Partners, children can enjoy multiple athletics disciplines whilst being trained and educated by professionals

SPARK Kids Athletics Park

The SPARK Kids Athletics Park (SPARK) was launched at the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona in 2010 and has since developed into a great platform for demonstrating the key disciplines of athletics: running, jumping and throwing.

SPAR International has partnered with the Female Coaching Network (FCN) to run the SPARK Kids Athletics Park (SPARK), promoting the sport to future generations of athletes.

When used at European Athletics events as part of the SPAR sponsorship, The FCN team coach children in the three main athletics disciplines. Their team are on hand to enhance the experience and to educate children on how to participate in a competitive and fun way.