Utilising retail media in SPAR: Contact International

April 9, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing

With growing demand from brands across industries for point of purchase advertising, whether that be instore or online, retail media provides opportunities for retailers to increase revenue, create a more tailored shopping experience for customers, build relationships with partners, and leverage data and insights to optimise marketing strategies and operations.

Retail media encompasses digital advertising space, retail media assets, and instore touchpoints which retail partners offer to brands and suppliers to advertise and engage with shoppers through different campaigns.

It is one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising worldwide. In the United States, retail media spend is projected at $55.31 billion in 2024, with this figure growing to $106.12 billion in 2027. In Europe, retail media advertising is growing year-on-year, with a 39% growth expected this year, and a proposed total retail media spend of €25 billion in Europe by 2026.

Retail media potential for SPAR

The grocery industry has a unique advantage in having both online and offline touchpoints with customers. This provides opportunities for SPAR country organisations to offer suppliers and brands the scope to engage with customers, all while providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

More than a third of SPAR country organisations currently offer some aspect of retail media, with some countries providing a comprehensive offering. SPAR Netherlands launched its extensive SPAR Media network in 2023, offering media across a wide range of online and offline touchpoints.

In the latest issue of Contact International, we take a closer look at the potential benefits of retail media within SPAR, with a focus on SPAR Netherland’s retail media offering.

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