SPAR worldwide rallies to offer support and assistance to SPAR colleagues in Ukraine

February 28, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Supply Chain

SPAR Ukraine has been a licenced member of SPAR International since 2001. It is wholly Ukrainian owned and operated, and strongly embedded in the communities it serves, operating 65 SPAR supermarkets across Ukraine from Kharkiv in the east to Lviv in the west. Our objective is to support SPAR Ukraine with the procurement and delivery of essential supplies, as it continues to open and operate stores in the most challenging of circumstances. Where there is an imminent or immediate threat to the health and safety of employees, stores have either closed fully or are operating in a reduced capacity in order to get essential goods to their local communities.

To enable SPAR Ukraine to maintain supply, a unique SPAR Ukraine support fund has been established by SPAR International, strongly supported by SPAR country organisations. This support fund will assist SPAR Ukraine financially to procure products locally from existing sources of supply.

With a strong SPAR presence in central and eastern Europe, SPAR International is also working with SPAR colleagues in the neighbouring countries to establish supply of essential goods for distribution to SPAR Ukraine’s distribution centre located 100km inland from the Polish border. With the prospect of the local supply chains being further impacted, it is essential to ready the ability to maintain supply from our operations in neighbouring countries. We are very grateful to our SPAR colleagues in those markets for their readiness to support.

We are truly inspired by the courage, determination and commitment of our colleagues in Ukraine to continue to care for their communities. We will continue to do what we can to support them in this goal.

For 90 years, SPAR has been driven by a simple, yet powerful, philosophy: that independent retailers through uniting and working together shall prosper.  This SPAR vision, of benefiting from unity and co-operation, uniting resources and supporting each other, is never more true than in times of crisis such as these.