SPAR Sri Lanka invests in modernisation of supermarket

August 28, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Sri Lanka has refurbished its SPAR Supermarket in Union Place, a suburb of the capital Colombo. The recently re-opened store now offers a broader assortment of fresh department and grocery items with an improved layout.

Responding to the trend towards fresh, SPAR Sri Lanka has increased the amount of store space dedicated to fresh produce and organic items. New lines have been introduced into the offer in all fresh departments, adding to the self-serve range previously available. Chilled cabinets in the fresh produce section maintain produce quality of delicate items. The gourmet offer in the dry grocery section has been expanded to include more speciality products, while the loose rice assortment now includes more local rice varietals.

An assortment increase of the grocery lines to 1,110 SKUs was made possible by investing in higher shelving units as well as changing the overall store layout. SPAR Sri Lanka has also improved instore shopper flow by re-laying the store and introduced digital signage at the check-out area. The market-style signage, easy access shelving, and departmental lighting add to the overall shopping experience.

The butchery and fish service counters complete the new shopping experience, highlighting that customers can not only do their top-up shopping in this SPAR Supermarket but also their weekly shopping.

SPAR Sri Lanka launched an online shop earlier this year and will continue investing in the modernisation of food retailing with new stores in line with the company’s objective of offering a high-quality shopping experience.

Source : SPAR Sri Lanka

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About SPAR Sri Lanka

SPAR International granted a licence to Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL Group) in 2017 to operate the SPAR Brand in Sri Lanka in a joint venture with the SPAR Group Ltd South Africa. CBL is a well-established organisation, founded in the 1960s and employing 5,000 people across diverse operations. It has strong roots in local communities and a commitment to enhancing food retailing and entrepreneurial opportunities in the market, making it an ideal partner for SPAR.