SPAR Saudi Arabia helps customers stay home during Ramadan

April 29, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19, Digital and Marketing

To help SPAR customers stay home while keeping their pantries filled during Ramadan, SPAR Saudi Arabia has introduced click-and-collect shopping options for customers in Riyadh allowing customers to order groceries via Whatsapp and pick them up through a drive-through service.
The service is helping maintain low footfall instore, ensuring customer safety and convenience.

In preparation for Ramadan, SPAR Saudi Arabia completed stock planning earlier this year and began in March with its regular displays of goods. At the beginning of the public health emergency, panic buying caused a surge in sales which put temporary pressure on both supply chain and the processing of customer orders instore. However, SPAR stores have been able to maintain a steady income of supplies. The government is assisting retailers in guaranteeing smooth supply chain operations, with essential products being the priority. Retail stores are experiencing minor shortages in non-food items, such as barbecue sets and small home appliances, as non-food merchants are now closed.

Dedicated to providing customers with a convenient and accessible shopping experience, SPAR Saudi Arabia is currently developing its own home delivery service app. It has also partnered with several popular third-party food delivery companies to provide home delivery service, including Moan, Wssel, Jahez, Mrsool, The Cheefz. Information about special SPAR’s weekly offers is easily available to customers through SPAR Saudi Arabia’s social media or by texting “offers” on to SPAR Saudi Arabia on Whatsapp.

This year’s Ramadan celebrations will require people to find alternative ways to celebrate without coming together in the same physical spaces. Traditionally, 25 out of 30 days of Ramadan celebrations are centred around family gatherings, but the curfew will mean other solutions are sought. Lockdown measures in the country include a curfew between 15h00 and 6h00, a travel ban between cities, as well as a ban on any air travel for both domestic and international flights.

Source: SPAR Saudi Arabia

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About SPAR Saudi Arabia

The licence to operate SPAR in Saudi Arabia was granted in January 2016 to the AlSadhan Group. Established in 1952, the Group has diverse business interests with experience in retail and is now seeking to convert its existing supermarkets and expand further.

SPAR Saudi Arabia offers a world-class shopping experience to consumers, building on their extensive FMCG credentials in the market and tapping into SPAR International’s expertise in the area of modern food retailing.

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