SPAR Russian partner, Omsk in Siberia, opens another EUROSPAR Supermarket

April 30, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

As almost one-third of the world’s population experience some form of lock down as a result of the COVID-19 corona virus, food retailers are focused on ensuring easy access for customers to daily essentials. Despite these challenging circumstances, another 1,200m2 EUROSPAR Supermarket was opened in Omsk on April 3.

This EUROSPAR Supermarket has been extensively renovated and modernised from the previous Soviet style store, utilising expertise and best practice from SPAR internationally. The lay out and interior design reflects the latest trends in food retailing as seen in Hungary, Kaliningrad, Moscow and Chelyabinsk.

Service departments have been built around the perimeter of the store and attract many customers, including a live fish counter and a butchery. The tandoori bread bakery, food-to-go counter offering pies, pizzas and pancakes and a delicatessen department complete the unique features appealing to shoppers A broad selection of fresh fruit and vegetables complement the fresh offering. With a total of 12,000 SKU’s on offer, customers enjoy the variety available instore.

An extensive selection of SPAR Own Brand products which have been sourced locally, regionally and internationally can be found throughout the store, including the recently introduced SPAR Natural range. A deep assortment of wines also sourced from various markets can be seen in the dedicated wine section. In line with the trend towards growing seasonal vegetables by consumers, there is a section with the basic items required for a kitchen garden. Since the opening, daily sales average over €12,000.

Currently not open due to restrictions around the COVID-19 corona virus, a full SPAR Café has been incorporated into the floor plan where customers will be able to enjoy a drink and snack before or after completing their shopping once restrictions are lifted.

Over 100 new jobs which became available were rapidly filled, with the new colleagues benefiting from retail and customer service training.

Omsk is located in south western Siberia and is the seventh largest city nationally with a population of more than 1,154,000. Omsk is a pivotal transport hub for Russia’s infrastructure network, serving as a train station for the Trans-Siberian Railway and as a staging post for the Irtysh River.

Late last year, a second EUROSPAR Supermarket located in a shopping mall in a residential area was opened – read more about that store’s features here.

Source: SPAR Russia

About SPAR Russia

The first SPAR store in Russia was opened in August 2001, following the granting of the licence by SPAR International to a regional partner. The central office is based in Moscow –supporting regional growth and expansion of the brand.

There are now more than 530 SPAR stores across the country. The success enjoyed by SPAR in Russia is driven by the recruitment of new partners, investing in new stores, and the continued investment in refurbishing existing stores. Expansion has resulted in greater buying power and improved knowledge sharing as the number of SPAR locations increases.