The importance of fresh food services at SPAR: Contact International

April 24, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles

With the shifting food preferences and changing lifestyles of customers, it is more important now than ever before for retailers to provide quality and convenient food-to-go solutions.

At SPAR, food-to-go solutions remain a vital part of the store offering, with best-in-class offerings from SPAR country organisations, as well as new and innovative solutions developed by SPAR International which are currently being rolled out in SPAR markets.

In our latest issue of Contact International, we highlight some of the innovative food-to-go solutions across the SPAR network. SPAR ENJOY, developed by SPAR International, provides customers with a variety of healthy meals-to-go at all times of the day, prepared using only fresh ingredients. Meanwhile CENSE Coffee is SPAR International’s exclusive coffee-to-go solution, offering quality coffee in SPAR stores. Additionally, SPAR Netherlands’ all-encompassing SPAR Foodclub solution focuses on providing customers with a wide range of food-to-go options.

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