SPAR Partners seek alternative solutions for customers ahead of Ramadan

April 22, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19, Feature articles

Millions of Muslims around the world will mark the start of Ramadan on Thursday evening, a month of intense prayer, dawn-to-dusk fasting, and evening gatherings. This year, with the various types of curfew and lockdown in place due to the coronavirus, observing the usual traditions may be difficult. Many people will be either alone or in smaller family units rather than being able to come together each evening with extended family. In these unusual times, different SPAR Partners have set in place several initiatives to support communities observing Ramadan.

QatarRamadan Shopping Baskets

The main SPAR Qatar Ramadan leaflet – available from 16 April – highlights the value of generosity which is at the heart of the Ramadan period. SPAR offers two Ramadan baskets filled with traditional delicacies. Available in two sizes, the Ramadan Platinum Basket has a retail price of QAR99 (about €24.9), and the Ramadan Gold Basket sells at QAR59 (€14.9).

PakistanIncrease in demand for care hampers

SPAR Pakistan has seen an increase in basket spend as customers stock up, particularly on commodity items such as pulses, rice, flour, oil, ghee, etc. Known for offering high-quality fresh produce and meat, SPAR has seen increases in demand for these items as well. Whilst Ramadan only starts on 23 April, customers are already purchasing hampers to give to the more vulnerable in society, reflecting the concern customers have about the economic impact of the lockdown.

Oman – Limited promotion offering

Ramadan promotion plans must be approved in advance by the relevant authorities and this has been very difficult due to the lockdown. Those customers who are taking advantage of the longer opening hours to facilitate social distancing have capitalised on the limited promotional offers which were authorised despite the challenging times.

Saudi Arabia – Providing solutions for shoppers

Ramadan stock planning was completed earlier in the year but displays instore were introduced in early March, as usual. This year’s curfew is adding to the uncertainties around ways to be together without coming together as usual – 25 days out of 30 days of Ramadan celebration are dedicated to family gatherings. To support customers SPAR retailers have partnered with a number of existing B2C solutions, including the online platform Moan, which is helping to reduce traffic in stores whilst enabling shoppers to maintain curfew and keep their pantries filled.

Source: SPAR Qatar, SPAR Pakistan, SPAR Oman, SPAR Saudi Arabia

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