SPAR Partners help customers celebrate Easter at home

April 9, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Feature articles

For many SPAR customers, Easter celebrations this year will have to take place at home with just close family members or even alone. However, it is the little things customers will enjoy, from a cosy breakfast or an exciting hunt for Easter eggs with the little ones, right up to baking Easter delicacies and cooking traditional meals. SPAR Partners are helping customers celebrate Easter with easy-to-follow recipes, charitable donations as well as prolonged opening hours during the Easter weekend to protect the wellbeing of customers and team members.


At SPAR, EUROSPAR, and INTERSPAR stores in Austria, customers can find a large selection of Easter products, varying from colourful Easter eggs to chocolate bunnies. One of the highlights of this year’s Easter assortment is the innovative and sustainably sourced SPAR PREMIUM Easter bunny made of Swiss milk or white chocolate. Another Easter highlight is the SPAR Natur* pur organic Easter bunny. On the SPAR Austria website, cooking enthusiasts can also find inspiration and a range of Easter recipes to try out.


Until Easter, customers at EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores operated by SPAR Italy Partner Aspiag Service can support four local charities by purchasing an Easter chocolate bell. DESPAR Aspiag will donate the total revenues from the sales of the Easter treats to these charities that each play an important role in supporting mentally or physically disabled people.


SPAR Slovenia has launched a special Easter page on its company website, featuring recipes for festive traditional and more modern Easter meals, brunch and gift ideas, as well as suggestions on how to decorate the house. Additionally, the web page offers creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs with children.


SPAR Namibia offers customers with a SPAR Rewards loyalty card extra discounts and special offers in the run-up to the Easter weekend. An extensive choice of SPAR Own Brand products for family dining is available. Under the theme, “SPAR treats to beat the lockdown!”, SPAR Namibia promotes families cooking and eating together with recipes and Easter celebration meals posted daily on their corporate Facebook page.


SPAR Hungary has extended the opening hours of all SPAR and INTERSPAR stores nationwide on 9 and 11 April in order to safeguard the wellbeing of customers and employees. Current opening hours, listed per store, can be found on SPAR Hungary’s website. From April 8 onwards, customers are asked to make use of disposable foil gloves placed at store entrances and discard them in designated bins after leaving the checkout area.


Before going outdoors, those looking to enjoy Norway’s scenery are traditionally asked to get familiar with the nine simple rules of the Norwegian Mountain Code to help them to stay safe. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Norwegians won’t be able to go to their cabins this Easter, meaning there is no need for the Mountain Code, but all the more reason for a shopping code to reduce the risk of infection.

SPAR Norway is expecting many customers in the run-up to Easter. To make sure that all customers keep at least one-metre distance instore, an additional employee will be positioned by the entrance of each store. This employee will wear a yellow vest and regulate the number of customers entering the store, remind shoppers to maintain an appropriate distance, and make sure that customers use the available hand sanitizers.


Recognising that many customers would be unable to celebrate Easter due to economic difficulties, SPAR prepared 10,000 Easter gifts, including traditional breads, cereal, and cookies, for the less fortunate in society.

Source: SPAR Austria, SPAR Italy, SPAR Slovenia, SPAR Namibia, SPAR Hungary, SPAR Norway, SPAR Ukraine

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