Shopping for a friend? SPAR Norway’s online tool offers help

April 1, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: COVID-19

A large number of people are not allowed to go outside or choose to stay indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic because they are at high risk of infection. In these cases, neighbours and friends often help each other perform tasks such as grocery shopping trips. SPAR Norway has launched a new online Shopping Help to make these everyday tasks easier. 

New online tool: Shopping help
On SPAR Norway’s website, customers can make a shopping list by picking items from the assortment at the nearest participating store. When the list is done, they can text or email it with additional comments to a friend, someone in the family, a helpful neighbour or a colleague.

This way, customers who can’t go outside can easily get help with their grocery shopping from those who can.

The Norwegian Shopping Code
Before entering the outdoors, those looking to enjoy Norway’s scenery are traditionally asked to get familiar with the nine simple rules of the Norwegian Mountain Code to help them to stay safe.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Norwegians won’t be able to go to their cabins this Easter, meaning there is no need for the Mountain Code, but all the more reason for a shopping code.

Using the familiar Norwegian Mountain Code as a framework, SPAR Norway has created the Norwegian Shopping Code to reduce the risk of infection.

SPAR Norway’s Shopping Code:

  1. Plan your shopping trip – make sure to avoid peak hours
  2. Adapt – remember that you can use the store from opening to closing time
  3. Only shop what you need – there’s enough groceries for everyone
  4. Go shopping on your own, preferably
  5. Show consideration for other customers and staff – keep at least 1-metre distance
  6. Avoid touching goods you’re not going to buy
  7. Choose safe paths – if you’re in quarantine don’t go to the store
  8. Use a paper tissue or your elbow if you need to sneeze – maintain good hand hygiene
  9. Bear in mind contact points – use contactless payment if you can

By using the Norwegian Shopping Code, SPAR Norway is aiming to make sure that all customers can enjoy a happy and healthy Easter.

Source: SPAR Norway

About SPAR Norway

NorgesGruppen ASA is the parent company of SPAR Norway and is the market leader in the highly concentrated Norwegian grocery market. The SPAR licence for Norway was signed by NorgesGruppen AS in 1984. In February 2013, NorgesGruppen purchased 49% of the Dagrofa Group – the licence partner operating the SPAR Brand in Denmark.

SPAR Norway operates two retail formats: EUROSPAR, which continues to see expansion and growth following very positive consumer response, and SPAR, the neighbourhood supermarket format, which was the first format to be established.