SPAR Norway launches new online store

May 17, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing

SPAR Norway has expanded its e-commerce network with the launch of an online store by EUROSPAR Hunstad in Bodø.

Since last year, SPAR Norway has been increasing its focus on online retail to alleviate the challenge of large distances between stores and drive business to independent retailers across the country. The SPAR Partner has created a simple and intuitive online system and has invested in the best technologies to allow its network of independent retailers to effectively and efficiently enter the online market.

EUROSPAR Hunstad is the first SPAR store in the north of Norway to launch an online site, providing everyone in Bodø with access to top quality fresh goods online. All products are handpicked instore by a EUROSPAR Hunstad employee, meaning that the same people one meets in the store are the ones picking and handling all the items that are ordered online. In this way, customers can be assured of receiving groceries of the same great quality that they would pick themselves instore.

The prices and offers are the same online as in the store itself and customers have the option to pick the goods up or have them delivered to an address of their choice. Orders made before 10am can be delivered on the same day – a great service for those with a busy schedule.

Making things as simple as possible for customers, the online store remembers one’s shopping history and suggests items for customers as they shop. It also has a handy recipe section and with one click, all items in the list of ingredients can be added to the shopping basket. Furthermore, it’s possible to indicate how many people you are serving and the ingredients are adjusted accordingly.

The online product assortment varies per store. In some cases there are 5,000 products available online and in others more than 9,000. The experience so far has been positive with figures showing that the average basket is five to six times higher online than instore.

Visit EUROSPAR Hunstad’s new online store.

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