SPAR Netherlands expands logistic capabilities

July 19, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Supply Chain

SPAR Netherlands is set to experience further growth with the planned opening of more than 100 SPAR Express stores this year and the expansion of its city store network. To service this growth, the business has decided to invest in its logistics capabilities with the opening of a new Distribution Centre (DC) and the expansion of its existing one. SPAR Netherlands has also announced the addition of double-decker trucks and two ‘super lorries’ to its current delivery fleet.

New Distribution Centre

The opening of a new DC in Heerenveen in the north of the country, has helped SPAR Netherlands alleviate the pressure that continued store expansion has placed on its current DC in Waalwijk, in the south of the country. The new cross-docking hub will ensure the continuity of the SPAR Partner’s logistics processes in the coming years, as further growth is expected.

With the new DC, SPAR Netherlands will gain extra logistics capability, with goods being cross-docked and distributed to stores. Containers from the DC in Waalwijk and incoming goods will be assembled, in a process known as cross-docking, into truckloads of deliveries to stores in the north of the country.

The opening of this new DC will free up space at the centre in Waalwijk, which will improve overall operational efficiency. By reducing the distances driven by its trucks, SPAR Netherlands will also lower its CO2 emissions.

Expansion of existing Distribution Centre

The acquisition of a fully automated warehouse next to its current DC in Waalwijk has allowed SPAR Netherlands to expand its operations to better service stores in the south of the country.

The new warehouse, which is currently being used by retail chain Xenos, will officially be taken over by SPAR Netherlands in the second half of this year. The SPAR Partner will use the extra space for the storage and collection of 4,500 slow-moving goods, which will free up space in the current DC, allowing for the expansion of the cold storage space by 1,500 m2.

The acquisition of this fully automated warehouse will improve process flows and help SPAR Netherlands achieve a higher level of service. By expanding the number of picking stations in the DC, the partner will also be able to offer a broader range of products to retailers and provide better working conditions for its warehouse employees. This extra space will see the Waalwijk DC grow in size from 22,500 m2 to 37,400 m2.

SPAR Netherlands expands delivery fleet

SPAR Netherlands has announced that it will be adding double-decker trucks, as well as two ‘super lorries’, to its current fleet of delivery trucks.

The double-decker trucks can transport 75 containers, as opposed to the 48-container capacity of a normal delivery truck.

The new double-decker trucks will be refrigerated on the top deck and non-refrigerated on the bottom. According to the SPAR Partner, 90% of its locations can be reached using the double-decker trucks.

The additions to its delivery fleet will cut down on mileage, fuel usage, and driver hours, as well as overall CO2 emissions.

With the opening of the new DC in Heerenveen, the expansion in Waalwijk and the growth of its delivery fleet , SPAR Netherlands has secured its logistics and distribution capabilities for the future.

Source: SPAR Netherlands

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