SPAR International is Proud Principal Sponsor of European Athletics

August 6, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR International, the world’s largest food retail voluntary chain headquartered in Amsterdam, is proud to be the principal sponsor of the European Athletics Team Championships Super League to be held in Bydgoszcz from 9-11 August.

In addition to this event, SPAR is delighted to also be principal sponsor, through SPAR Norway, of the First League competition taking place in Sandnes, Norway. The events promise to attract countless fans from around the world and serve as an important platform to connect with SPAR customers and communities beyond our stores.

SPAR International has been principal sponsor of European Athletics since 1996, supporting the athletes from 50 nations around Europe at the Super League level. This involvement was strengthened when in March 2019, SPAR International proudly extended its long-term commitment to European Athletics through to 2027. SPAR will also sponsor the 2020 European Athletics U18 Championships in addition to the 2021 European Athletics U20 and U23 Championships, highlighting the brand’s focus on promoting youth sport.

An important and competitive highlight in the athletics calendar, the European Athletics Team Championships bring together sports men and women of exceptional athletic ability from around Europe.

All four divisions of the European Athletics Team Championships take place from 9-11 August across Europe. This annual team Super League competition, which sees top athletes compete over three evenings, can be viewed on national and pan-European television channels.

The European Athletics Team Championships Super League and First League will take place from 9-11 August while the Second League in Varazdin, Croatia and the Third League in Skopje, North Macedonia will both take place on 10-11 August.

The Super League competition which sees the top 12 nations of Europe come together from 9 – 11 August in Bydgozscz is held at the same time as the European Athletics Team Championships in the Norwegian city of Sandnes, sponsored by SPAR Norway in conjunction with SPAR International. The Sandnes Stadium regularly plays host to the Norwegian Championships and the city has grown in familiarity to athletics fans in recent years as it is the hometown of the Ingebrigtsen family. All three competing brothers in this family have each won the European 1,500m title in addition to many European & World Championships which will contribute to record viewing in Norway and abroad by fans and to drawing great crowds to this stadium.

Fans will be able to follow the action either on their national TV channels or through livestreaming which is also popular with fans-on-the-go keeping up with the event on mobile devices.

As principal sponsor of European Athletics since 1996, SPAR International wishes all athletes participating in the Team Championships success.

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