SPAR Croatia is the proud sponsor of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team

January 5, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR Croatia and the Croatian Ski Association have signed a three-year sponsorship agreement. The exciting new sponsorship applies to all Croatian alpine skiing teams, from the youngest age athletes to senior alpine ski team players, and also involves the famous slalom skier Leona Popović.

Extended sponsorship

SPAR Croatia has been a long-time supporter of Croatian sport and this will continue through the new sponsorship agreement.

The CEO of SPAR Croatia, Helmut Fenzl, expressed his enthusiasm about the sponsorship: “Numerous outstanding sports results of Croatian skiers during the past years are proof of the discipline, persistence, effort and dedicated work of our skiers. These virtues are also cherished by SPAR Croatia.”

World-class and best Croatian slalom skier, Leona Popović, will wear the SPAR logo on her ski equipment, helmet, and caps during all of her performances.

The most recent event was on Wednesday, 4 January, where the world’s best female slalom skiers competed at the Audi FIS Ski World Cup races ‘Snow Queen Trophy’ 2023 in Zagreb.

Source: SPAR Croatia

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