SPAR Angola co-sponsors fun run for safety awareness event

March 28, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

SPAR Angola proudly announces its co-sponsorship of the recent SONILS fun run for safety awareness event held in Luanda. Organised by SONILS, the event aimed to promote safety awareness among companies and staff working on the base, with a focus on fostering a sense of community and fun among participants.

SONILS fun run

The event, held at the SONILS base in Luanda, brought together employees from various companies operating on the base for a fun run that doubled as a safety awareness initiative. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to engage in physical activity while learning about important safety measures in the workplace.

SPAR Angola’s involvement in the event stems from its unique position as the only non-oil operation on the SONILS base. One year ago, SPAR Angola opened a supermarket and food court on the base to cater to the needs of the approximately 3,500 authorised staff members who have limited access to external facilities.


“We were honoured to be invited to co-sponsor this exciting event,” said Rui Catalo, Chief Executive Officer of SPAR Angola. “It provided us with a fantastic opportunity to further integrate ourselves into the community and demonstrate our commitment to promoting safety and wellbeing among its staff.”

As part of the co-sponsorship, SPAR Angola also took the opportunity to launch its loyalty programme. The retailer offered prizes in the form of loyalty cards that can be used at the SPAR store on base or any of the other 24 SPAR stores in Luanda, including the store at the International airport.

“The launch of our loyalty programme coincided perfectly with the SONILS Fun Run event,” Rui Catalo added. “We are excited to promote the program in the coming months and further enhance the shopping experience for our loyal customers.”

The event marked a significant milestone for SPAR Angola, coinciding with the celebration of its second anniversary. The event not only provided an opportunity for fun and camaraderie but also served as a valuable marketing moment for the SPAR brand, associating it with safety and community engagement.

Source: SPAR Angola

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About SPAR Angola

SPAR Group Ltd, which holds the rights for Angola from SPAR International, granted the SPAR license for Angola at the start of 2022 to United Investimentos, a company with expertise in distribution and food production. A multi-format retail strategy has seen the brand entering high-traffic locations such as the airport, petrol forecourts and cities, in partnership with independent organisations. 


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