SPAR Albania trials self-checkouts

January 24, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing

SPAR Albania is the first supermarket chain in the country to introduce self-checkouts, with four checkouts operational at the INTERSPAR Hypermarket in TEG. This innovative approach aims to improve the shopping experience for customers through fast transactions.

Increased convenience

Customers now have the option to scan barcodes and the loyalty app for extra points and rewards before paying. Shoppers can use a faster and more convenient alternative to the conventional checkout process.

To increase customer awareness, SPAR has implemented both digital and physical guides near the self-service stations. These guides serve to help shoppers navigate the new system, making the experience friendly and accessible for everyone.

Self-service stations currently accept bank cards and SPAR or red gift cards. These methods provide a secure and efficient means for customers to complete their transactions during this trial period. SPAR’s pilot project in the Albanian supermarket industry has received positive feedback from customers. During the trial period, shoppers expressed a willingness to embrace the new self-service experience. Through this tool, SPAR shows initiative in meeting the evolving needs of the modern consumer.

Referring to the initial success and growing popularity of the pilot project, Redona Kalaja, Marketing Manager at SPAR Albania, said: “Between November 8 and mid-December, over 2,000 transactions were made through self-service checkouts. These figures show that we have reached a good level in the initial phase. We are very pleased with the results and enthusiastic to modernize our retail practices in the next step.”

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Buoyed by the success of the pilot project, SPAR is preparing for the next phase of implementation. The company is working on expanding self-service payments at the QTU Hypermarket and plans to roll out this innovative shopping experience across the entire SPAR network across the country in the future. This strategic expansion highlights SPAR’s commitment to embrace technology and enhance customer satisfaction in the evolving retail industry landscape.

Source: SPAR Albania

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SPAR Albania

SPAR International granted the SPAR licence in Albania in mid-2016 to Almark, part of the Balfin Group. Since launching in October 2016, SPAR Albania has converted company-owned stores and established new partnerships with independent retailers to expand the brand’s reach. SPAR Albania operates two retail formats: INTERSPAR Hypermarkets and SPAR Supermarkets.