Ireland’s ‘SPAR Sweep’ sees Kellie Harrington and Israel Olatunde compete

June 29, 2024 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

Have you ever wondered who would win in a race around your local SPAR branded supermarket between Ireland’s fastest man, Israel Olatunde, and Olympic gold-medal boxer Kellie Harrington?

Wonder no more, because SPAR Ireland has the answer in its new ‘SPAR Sweep’ campaign. Facing off in a SPAR store, the two athletes compete in a fun game, wherein each gets a list of SPAR Better Choices products. The selected range of products which carry this label are measured against strict criteria and aligns with the retailer’s focus on promoting healthier lifestyles.

Both athletes had to search the shelves for the labelled items and place as many in their baskets as they could before the whistle announced that time was up. This was a terrific contest between two of Ireland’s greatest athletes, and reflects the ongoing promotion of sporters by SPAR Ireland.

The SPAR Sweep launched on Monday 24 June on SPAR Ireland’s Instagram page, with the competitors gearing up for the race. An interactive element brings consumers into the campaign, vying to win a €200 SPAR Better Choices voucher. Kellie Harrington, Olympic Gold Medallist and SPAR Brand Ambassador beat Israel Otalunde, 60m and 100m sprint Irish record holder.

Read more about SPAR Ireland’s partnership with Kellie Harrington and support of Israel Olatunde.

About SPAR Ireland

SPAR is one of Ireland’s largest convenience retail groups, and has been serving communities in Ireland for over sixty years. From the time it opened its first store in Dublin in 1963, SPAR has been a leader in Irish convenience retailing, bringing consumers the most innovative products and in-store offerings. SPAR is part of leading retail and wholesale company BWG Foods UC and, with a presence in every county across Ireland, SPAR’s over 400 stores provide employment for 14,000 people locally.

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