European Athletics Championships in full swing

August 19, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Sport sponsorship

The European Athletics Championships are in full swing in Munich, Germany, with phenomenal sporting results and great crowds cheering on the athletes in the stadium. SPAR is proud to again be the principal sponsor of the biennial championships, held from 15 to 21 August 2022.

SPAR has been a sponsor of European Athletics since 1996 and is delighted to be back in Munich for this event 20 years after the 2002 championships. Host country Germany is leading in the medal table, having taken 5 gold medals at the end of the competition on 18 August. To stay up to date with the latest sporting results, please click here.


Championships to remember

As the principal sponsor of European Athletics, SPAR is a huge supporter of this major event and the competing athletes.


To make these championships even more memorable for the many fans, SPAR is providing personalised name bibs at the SPAR stand in the Fan Zone next to the stadium. Fans can have an official SPAR branded number bib with their own name as a souvenir – emulating their athletic heroes competing in the stadium this week.


The event is seeing enormous media presence and interest, with over 40 EBU members offering in-depth television, digital and radio coverage. Ahead of the event, indications were that well over 1,500 broadcasting hours of athletics will be enjoyed by fans worldwide. European Athletics stats show that on Wednesday in Germany, an average of 4.15 million viewers watched the athletics broadcasts in prime time, which corresponded to a market share of 18.1% of the total audience.


The marathon and walking courses are bringing this competition to the city centre, attracting many fans in support of those athletes. In the stadium, thousands of fans are following the action, providing an excellent atmosphere for the athletes. Between the field events, the short and long-distance track events, there is a lot of action to follow and many records are being broken.


Supporting healthy lifestyles 

Promoting healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, and physical activity is a key pillar of SPAR’s responsible retailing agenda. SPAR’s global strategies are tailored towards offering good quality products and relevant nutritional information to ensure a balanced, healthy diet. 


In addition to our focus on healthy eating, SPAR recognises the benefits and importance of exercise. Partnerships between SPAR retailers, local schools, and sports clubs reflect the importance SPAR places on promoting exercise in local communities. Support from SPAR can come in many forms, including volunteering time, instore fundraising activities, the provision of equipment, and financial assistance. 


At the European Athletics Championships, SPAR Germany is providing 16,000 apples for the huge team of volunteers assisting at the European Athletics Championships, as well as other product support. 


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