Changing shopper behaviour with healthy fresh produce options in India and Nigeria

February 3, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Sourcing

As snacking and healthy eating are growing trends around the world, SPAR has joined forces with the international vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan. In SPAR stores in India and Nigeria, new vegetable snacking varieties were introduced aimed at changing shopper behaviour. The focus is on providing innovative, high quality, locally grown healthy fresh produce options in stores.

SPAR India capitalises on snacking trend with SN!BS

SPAR India launched a variety of attractive, colourful and healthy SN!BS-branded snack vegetables in four stores in Bangalore in early 2021. Working in collaboration with vegetable breeding company RijkZwaan, the SN!BS were an immediate success.

“Snacking is a growing trend around the world and India is no exception. Consumers are increasingly eating snacks instead of meals. The SN!BS brand enables us to offer our customers something different: surprising, attractive, fresh and healthy vegetable snacks. Additionally, these snack vegetables have a longer shelf life which helps to reduce store losses”, explains Venkatareddy TG, Business Head of fruit and vegetables.

SPAR has created various mixes of snack tomatoes, snack peppers and snack cucumbers in red, yellow, orange and green colour combinations. “Consumer feedback has been very positive. The colour contrast is very attractive and stimulates impulse buys. And the specially designed SN!BS packaging certainly helps too.”

Close collaboration during launch

SPAR India is confident that snack vegetables will be a success. This concept aligns with the trends of snacking and healthy eating. They plan to expand their marketing activities, such as through roadshows, and are also working on supply consistency. Rijk Zwaan India is actively looking for suitable growers to support the initiative. The local teams worked on the SN!BS concept including design, nutritional values and product positioning instore. They also supported the instore sampling activities, building awareness with SPAR India’s customers.

SPAR Nigeria introduces new vegetable varieties

SPAR Nigeria introduced new vegetable varieties in SPAR Lekki last year in collaboration with seed breeder RijkZwaan. Working with RijkZwaan and distributor Seedforth Agro, high-quality varieties are grown year-round on a 20-acre farm.

The first product successfully introduced to SPAR customers was a new varietal, a seedless cucumber. The unique taste and crunchy bite is recognised by consumers as second to none, according to a SPAR Nigeria spokesperson.

Despite challenges caused by the pandemic which stopped travel and created difficulties in obtaining seeds, advice was given to the farm’s agronomist through digital platforms about fertilisation, nutrient deficiencies, pests and disease.

Working together towards a healthy future

SPAR Nigeria intends to introduce more new varieties of tomatoes, melons and cucumbers, building on the successful collaboration. All of the partners see a healthy future by working together to grow high quality, tasty vegetables.

Better together

The sharing of supplier knowledge, insights, and innovations, combined with SPAR International’s global knowledge and expertise, reflects how we are Better Together. The carefully selected set of suppliers who are in the preferred supplier programme ensure not only closer cooperation between SPAR Partners and suppliers but that innovation and developments are accessed more rapidly.

Particularly during these ever-changing times, this collaborative approach will remain a key factor in providing SPAR customers with the best offering in the most comfortable shopping environment.

Source: Rijkzwaan, SPAR India, SPAR Nigeria

About SPAR India

In August 2014, SPAR International and Max Hypermarkets entered into a partnership agreement to develop the brand across the country. Max Hypermarkets is operated by the Landmark Group, a retail group headquartered in Dubai. SPAR India has focused development on the SPAR Hypermarket format, converting stores from the Max brand and establishing new build stores – expanding the reach into new territories.

About SPAR Nigeria

The SPAR licence for Nigeria was granted to the Artee Group in 2009, a leading retail operator in Lagos. Progress has continued throughout the years in developing the SPAR presence in Nigeria. The partner has assessed the potential in the market and developed the brand through a combination of new build and conversion stores, creating brand recognition amongst shoppers and local entrepreneurs able to supply local products to this organised retail network.