Our responsible retailing roots

As a food retailer, SPAR contributes to the communities in which we operate in many different ways. Community involvement is a core value of our brand, starting in 1932 when independent retailers and wholesalers founded SPAR. From providing employment through to supporting those in need by volunteering time or generating funds for charities, SPAR adds value to local communities.

Information about nutrition values

Health and nutrition are two issues high up on our agenda. SPAR is a strong believer in the need to provide consumers with good quality products and the relevant nutritional information to ensure a balanced, healthy diet. As such, all International SPAR Own Brand products feature labels with nutritional information.

Responsible retailing in your country

SPAR retailers around the world contribute to the communities in which they operate in many different ways, from providing employment to generating
funds for charities and promoting sustainable initiatives. Select a SPAR country below to find out more about their responsible retailing activities.

News about responsible retailing