Wave of summer (re)openings by SPAR Fragadis

September 21, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Spain partner, Fragadis, continues to advance in its modernisation plan. The reopening of SPAR stores offer their communities over 4,500m² in much needed retail food store options.

After having reopened a 498m² SPAR Store in Benalúa in August, Fragadis has recently reopened a 1,321m² SPAR Supermarket  in Novelda. Both stores are located in Alicante as is the new EUROSPAR Supermarket of over 1,210m² opened in July. In that month two reopenings of a 740m² SPAR Supermarket in Valencia creating jobs for eight staff members and a 785m² SPAR Supermarket run by 10 employees at Tortosa, Tarragona were held.

All the SPAR Supermarkets offer a wide assortment of A-brands and SPAR Own Brand products. The long opening hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. although Benalúa SPAR, in the historic centre of Alicante, is also open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. These supermarkets have incorporated modern and efficient refrigeration equipment with reusable materials and LED technology that provides a higher quality of light, while improving the energy sustainability of the stores.

Novelda SPAR makes available all the departments of a modern proximity supermarket, there is a prominent presence of fresh products in a self-service format (fruit, vegetables, bakery and pastries) complemented by assisted butchery and deli sections. A staff of 11 committed employees who know the local tastes offer their excellent know-how.

The new EUROSPAR Supermarket in Alicante replaced another store of the same format nearly in the same location but is much larger and renovated. Run by 12 employees, this supermarket offers additional services like their instore cafetaria and parking facilities. Attention is paid to specific nutritional needs including gluten free products. Information screens are placed at strategic points with offers, recipes, and news.

Fragadis is the partner and distributor of the SPAR brand for the regions of Tarragona, Lérida, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Castellón, Alicante and Aragón, recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality of its own products.

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About SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain was founded in 1959 as a result of the coming together of a group of wholesalers who wished to be part of an international organisation. The brand became the first voluntary trading chain to be established in Spain.

The head office is located in Barcelona, providing buying, marketing, communication and brand support to the 13 regional partners, continuing the expansion of the brand across the country.