Too Good To Go available across all 107 SPAR Scotland company-owned stores

August 15, 2022 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing, Responsible retailing

In December 2020, SPAR International entered into a partnership agreement with Too Good To Go, with the objective being to offer customers an innovative digital solution to reduce food waste. CJ Lang & Son, wholesaler for SPAR Scotland, is continuing this movement with Too Good To Go, hoping to inspire and empower customers in Scotland to take action in the fight against food waste.

SPAR Scotland had previously discussed their partnership with Too Good To Go on the Channel 4 television programme, Food Unwrapped. The episode aired on Monday 2 May 2022 on Channel 4 and discussed SPAR Scotland’s partnership with Too Good To Go in trial stores and the benefits of the partnership to both stores and customers.

The partnership provides a creative, simple solution to preventing instore food waste, allowing SPAR customers to purchase ‘magic bags’ of miscellaneous surplus stock, close to the end of its shelf life but still within its best-before date. 

ESG Strategy

This strategic partnership reflects SPAR Scotland’s commitment to reducing food waste and CO2 emissions, in correspondence with our ESG strategy. SPAR Scotland has saved over 7,200 meals going to waste and saved over 17 tonnes of CO2e in these trial stores. 

Following on from the success of the trial stores, Too Good To Go is now available in all 107 SPAR company-owned stores.

Central Operations Director Sonya Harper commented: “As part of our fight against food waste and in alliance with our digital strategy, we are delighted to be in partnership with Too Good to Go to reduce food wastage across all our company-owned stores. Be sure to download the app and buy a magic bag from your local SPAR Scotland Store.

The Too Good To Go app allows users to search for a store taking part in the scheme, connecting local SPAR stores with both new and old customers passionate about preventing food waste.”

To make use of the service, customers can download the free Too Good To Go app on their smartphones and register via e-mail or Facebook. On the app, customers can find out how many magic bags are available in which SPAR stores. The magic bags can then be picked up at the local SPAR store of choice.

Source: SPAR UK

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The UK became a SPAR member in 1956 when SPAR International granted the SPAR licence to a group of independent wholesalers. As a result, there are now five regional partners in the UK. A central office in London provides national marketing and buying services for the group.

SPAR has led the highly competitive convenience market in the UK for many years. Always innovative, the five regional partners continue to grow the brand. SPAR UK comprises independently owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores. These include forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhood stores.

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