SPAR Zimbabwe recognised for long-standing monthly community clean-ups

December 18, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Awards and prizes, Climate, Community, Responsible retailing

SPAR Zimbabwe proudly received an environmental award in recognition of their long-lasting monthly community clean-ups initiative

SPAR Zimbabwe is a retailer with roots embedded in the local community, running several sustainable initiatives in local communities. One particular initiative comes in the form of monthly clean-ups in local communities on the first Friday of every month. At the end of each clean-up, the number of bags filled are counted and the volume is tracked throughout the year. Aligning with SPAR Zimbabwe’s responsible retailing plans, the litter collected is separated into green waste for recycling and other waste with separate bags. In 2023, SPAR Zimbabwe reported a total of 5,009 bags of litter collected by volunteers.

Growth of sustainable initiatives

SPAR Zimbabwe has been growing the scale of their community clean-ups since 2018. SPAR works closely with local companies to provide volunteers with water and cleaning bags. The two-hour timeslot for the clean-up aligns with nearby schools’ schedule. This allows pupils to also help out which raises their awareness of sustainability issues. The retailer hopes that more companies will support this annual programme into the future.

Environmental champion

SPAR Zimbabwe was recently awarded Environmental Champion of the year Award from ESG Network Zimbabwe, recognising the efforts of SPAR in the area of sustainability. The Environmental Management Agency (EMA), which nominated SPAR for the award, highlighted efforts of SPAR to minimise the use of plastic in packaging, as well as the long-lasting commitment to the clean-up initiative. Steady Kangata, EMA Director, described SPAR as “versatile in adjusting to the changing environmental and societal needs and expectations, providing manpower and material resources necessary to meet expected demands.”

Other initiatives

Clean-ups are not the only way in which SPAR Zimbabwe supports the environment.  SPAR Zimbabwe’s responsible retailing strategy also includes social topics as a core focus including child rights and health issues.

Source: SPAR Zimbabwe.

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About SPAR Zimbabwe

In 1967, Zimbabwe joined the SPAR network after a licence was granted to a local organisation by SPAR International. In 2015, an independent retailer took over the licence for the SPAR Brand in the market. SPAR Zimbabwe remains actively involved in the local community, helping to make a difference. 


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