SPAR Zimbabwe opens new store in Arcadia Shopping Centre

February 27, 2018 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

The newest SPAR store in Zimbabwe has officially opened in the Arcadia Shopping Centre in Harare. The SPAR Zimbabwe team is delighted with this new addition to its store portfolio and excited about the possibilities for future growth.

SPAR Arcadia had a soft-opening on Valentine’s afternoon with a rush of eager shoppers who were excited to see the latest offering from this established SPAR Partner. The official launch took place on Saturday 17 February with a road show, supplier demos outside the store and entertainment throughout the day. The opening was advertised on social media, through promotional flyers and a SPAR branded truck. Instore, special opening deals and supplier offers generated a lot of interest and at the soft launch, nearly 200 customers signed up for the Rewards loyalty card programme.

Considerable investment has been made into the new store, which boasts a clean, neutral and modern look, and provides customers with a wide range of products at competitive prices.

SPAR Arcadia focuses on the SPAR “Fresh is Best” policy, with the highest quality service departments. The destination departments are: Butchery, Bakery, Food-to-Go, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen, Bulk, Dairy and the TOPS liquor store.

“We work closely with local producers to source as much as possible from as close to home as possible. Fresh is always best!” said Moses Chihuri of SPAR Zimbabwe. “Our Butchery and Bakery staff have been trained to the highest standards by the SPAR team and we are excited to unveil their handiwork.”

Customer Service is another key area of focus for SPAR Arcadia, and the all-new team of employees have been selected for their experience, enthusiasm and energy. Overall, 65 new jobs have been created.

The Arcadia Shopping Centre is a central hub of activity for the local community. It is situated in a residential area but also services the neighbouring industrial suburb, catering to a large number of staff who commute to or through the area daily.

It is ideally placed along a busy highway, which leads into Harare from a satellite town with a population of 1 million people. The SPAR store therefore caters for a mixed demographic of people, from the tight-knit local Arcadia community to those coming into town from surrounding areas.

“SPAR’s message for 2018 is ‘Better Together’,” said Moses. “At SPAR we believe in community, family and in working together for a better future. We are very excited to have joined the Arcadia community and we look forward to doing great things together!”

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About SPAR Zimbabwe

In 1967, SPAR Zimbabwe signed a licence agreement with SPAR International and became the 13th country to join the SPAR worldwide organisation. In 2015, independent retailer, Darren Lanca, took over the licence to operate the SPAR Brand in this market after Innscor made the decision to divest of this retail division.