SPAR Ukraine supports local entrepreneurs

September 21, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

In the city of Boryslav, residents can now enjoy access to a new EUROSPAR Supermarket. The modern store layout, convenient range of foods on offer, and attention to shopping experience set the store apart. Additionally, SPAR Ukraine launched a new programme targeting producers, with a view to expanding the variety of local products available instore.

Independent retailer invests in store

Meeting the needs of not only residents but also neighbouring towns, the new EUROSPAR in Boryslav is one of the largest of the local retailer’s stores. With a sales area of almost 1,000m², it has many different departments instore. The retailer’s investment of over €600,000 is reflected in the outstanding shopping experience. There is an instore café for customers to stop and enjoy freshly prepared foods or a coffee. The bakery ensures shoppers continually access fresh breads and pastries. Butchery and fish counters offer freshly smoked local delicatessen options, as well as a range of meat and fish. The store also has a food-service counter with freshly prepared pizza, ready-made meal dishes for lunch or dinner, and a variety of snack goods.

The supermarket offers many specially imported products and has developed a range of products with its own trademark. The exclusive food offering is a key market differentiator for the independent retailer sub-licensed to operate this store. Following the opening, the retailer’s focus has now turned to developing an e-commerce offering, providing even greater convenience for customers.

Customers wishing to shop rapidly can either use two self-service checkouts or pay at one of the six serviced checkouts. With a view to the wider catchment area, a large parking area has been developed adjacent to the store entrance. This store offers employment to 55 people from the local area.

SPAR Ukraine supports local producers

In addition to providing extensive support to local independent retailers, SPAR Ukraine now has a programme offering strong support to local producers. A new six-month competition was launched in August 2023, highlighting the support the company offers entrepreneurs, including training and expert advice about developing locally produced products suitable for the retailer’s store network. The objective is to increase the diversity of locally produced goods available to shoppers.

This competition gives entrepreneurs a chance to introduce products into the formal supermarket sector, while accessing professional guidance about launching and maintaining a successful brand. Through this initiative, not only will SPAR Ukraine’s customers gain access to a growing range of locally produced goods, but local producers will also be able to benefit from the advertising platforms offered by the retailer to communicate the unique product to consumers.

Source: SPAR Ukraine.

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Independent retailers under licence from the local Ukraine organisation are opening high-quality stores. The company-owned stores are early adopters of a variety of foodservice solutions. Shoppers can enjoy instore cafés and food-to-go options in most stores which complement the instore grocery and fresh assortments.