SPAR UK partner in Scotland prioritises value for customers and retailers

June 13, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: All News

SPAR UK's partner in Scotland is working closely with local SPAR retailers to bring value to customers while securing profitability.

As SPAR in Scotland continues to grow and expand its presence across the national convenience market, the company reaffirms that bringing value to customers in SPAR stores is more important than ever – both for consumers and retailers alike.

Through a large assortment of products across different ranges instore, which cover both the retailer’s and customers’ needs, SPAR Scotland believes that the right offer will benefit the shopper’s wallet and the retailers with increased success and profit.

Colin McLean, Chief Executive Officer of wholesale company CJ Lang & Son Ltd which has the license to operate the SPAR brand in that market, said: “SPAR Scotland has a very comprehensive range of products across all the temperature regimes of ambient, chilled and frozen. This range covers all retailers need to maximise the sales and profitability of their stores.”

Offering value

Additionally, there is a strong promotion programme in stores, with over 700 products on promotion every 3 weeks. Alongside these promotions, competitive deals mean that retailers can offer shoppers the best deals, thereby making their shopping basket more appealing.

“Value is a key proposition, particularly on major daily lines. We want to offer our customers savings and, in turn, drive sales for retailers”, Colin McLean added.

Building the brand

Out of the stores, SPAR Scotland continues to grow its presence through ongoing activity with the national television channel and by working with the Scottish Football Association to support the women’s national football team as well as at girls’ grassroots level, keeping the SPAR brand at the forefront of customers’ minds.

SPAR Scotland also works behind the scenes with retailers, ensuring they are well supported with cooperation on multiple levels, such as store visits with each independent retailer. Colin McLean also said they strive “to work together with our retailers on joint business plans to grow and develop their sales and profit.”

Source: The Scottish Grocer

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The UK became a SPAR member in 1956 when SPAR International granted the SPAR licence to a group of independent wholesalers. As a result, there are now five regional partners in the UK. A central office in London provides national marketing and buying services for the group.

SPAR has led the highly competitive convenience market in the UK for many years. Always innovative, the five regional partners continue to grow the brand. SPAR UK comprises independently owned licensed retailers and company-owned stores. These include forecourts, airports, train stations, city centres, and local neighbourhood stores.