SPAR store in Belgium re-opens after full renovation

December 12, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

  • The newly renovated SPAR store in Schakkebroek has a modernised layout with a focus on fresh

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  • Fresh meat from this SPAR store is renowned locally

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  • Fruit and vegetables are a destination in this modern store with a market feel

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A SPAR store in Schakkebroek, a village in the Belgian province of Limburg, has re-opened after extensive renovations.

The store, run by independent SPAR retailers, Erik Schroë and Mariëlle Thijs, has been modernised to be in line with the latest design and layout standards of the new generation of SPAR convenience supermarkets.
Erik and Mariëlle have been operating the SPAR store for 25 years. Their store falls within the network of SPAR Supermarkets owned by SPAR Partner, Retail Partners Colruyt Group.

Both Erik and Mariëlle stem from a family of retailers and bring with them three generations of experience. Mariëlle was born and raised in Schakkebroek: “My grandmother had a grocery store in the village and my parents’ store was located virtually opposite the store that Eric and I opened in 1991,” she recounts. “We have stuck with our family tradition. Our store is a true convenience supermarket where we strive to offer warm and personal service to each and every customer.”

Erik’s parents were also entrepreneurs who ran a farm while his grandparents operated a grocery store in Uccle, a municipality of Brussels.
The most notable change from the renovations has been the layout. The SPAR store has been given a fresh look and feel and a modern, easy-to-navigate layout.

The fresh departments are a real eye-catcher. At the butchery and deli counters, customers can find a broad choice of prepared cuts of meat and delicious dishes which are all prepared instore. “Erik runs the butchery department, taking care of supplying it daily with fresh meat. Our minced meat is very popular in the area,” said Mariëlle proudly. “We also offer a great number of ready-made dishes, both hot and cold, that we prepare here in our kitchen. The bakery department has been successful for many years, thanks to the top quality products that our supplier provides us with.”

Along with being thoroughly renovated, the store’s sales surface was also enlarged from 350 to 500m2. “Since we already had quite a large product assortment, we have focussed on creating extra processing areas,” Mariëlle explained. “We also installed larger chilled cabinets, allowing for a broader range of delicatessen items.”

Sustainability was also taken into account when renovating the store. It has been equipped with a new heating system that re-uses the heat generated by the cooling system. The installation of LED lighting has also allowed for considerable energy savings.

Digital screens installed in the SPAR store provide customers with inspiration in the form of recipes, meal ideas and product information.

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