SPAR Spain sustainability campaign launched in 1,100 stores nationwide

April 6, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Environment, Responsible retailing

The sustainability campaign themed ‘El Futuro lo Hacemos Hoy’ (We make the Future Today) highlights the SPAR Own Brands that now have lower levels of sugar and salt. Customers can read information about healthier products on instore posters, the instore television channel or on social media. Other communication in the campaign launched earlier this year outlines the company’s focus on reducing plastic use.

SPAR Own Brands reformulation

In just two years SPAR Spain made significant reductions in both sugar and salt in many of their private label products. Close collaboration with suppliers to reformulate the products ensures their valued customers now have healthier alternatives. Over 150 tonnes of sugar was taken out of about 300 SPAR Own Brand products. This is equivalent to 38 million cubes of sugar.

The focus categories are carbonated and uncarbonated soft drinks, yoghurts, desserts, breakfast cereals and bakery items. In two years, 75 truckloads of sugar and salt were removed from over 300 products. Soft drinks and prepared desserts and yoghurts each contributed over 30% of the saving. 22% of the reduction was achieved in pastries and industrial bakery goods. 9% was gained in breakfast cereal category.

Using recycled and biodegradable plastic

SPAR Spain has also been focusing on plastic reduction since end 2019. SPAR Spain is introducing 100% recyclable bottles using 25% recycled plastic for soft drink and mineral water bottles. Containers used for the household product lines are 100% recyclable and use 50% recycled plastic. The industrial bakery lines are packed in 100% biodegradable plastic.

Carles Cervilla, spokesperson of SPAR Spain advises that the company will be eliminating the rings joining cans of soft drinks and beers which is so harmful to the oceans. The alternative materials being selected will be recyclable.

Source: Spain

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About SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain was founded in 1959 thanks to the coming together of a group of wholesalers seeking to be part of an international organisation. The brand became the first voluntary trading chain to be established in Spain.

The head office is in Barcelona. It provides buying, marketing, communications, and brand support to the 13 regional partners. Together, the SPAR operators actively continue the expansion of the brand across the country.

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