SPAR Spain partner in Gran Canaria invests in butchery school

August 17, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: People

SPAR Spain's partner in Gran Canaria and human resources consultancy firm Adecco join forces to promote training and employment through a new initiative, the Butchery School, which is the first of its kind to open in the Canary Islands. This initiative will see unemployed people receive training to become specialised butchers, all at no cost to the trainee. The representatives of both companies signed a collaboration agreement, committing themselves to carry out three training activities this year.

Innovative programme

SPAR Gran Canaria is hereby building a pool of qualified and training-certified personnel to support its butchery counters in stores. The initiative was developed in response to a scarcity in the labour market of specialised butchers. The courses will also create more awareness of the importance of this trade.

The first edition of the SPAR Gran Canaria and Adecco Butchery School began with an enrolment of over ten participants in July. Based on current progress, it is expected that during August the first group of students will complete the 80-hour programme. This includes 50 hours of practical training taking place at the Matadero Insular de Gran Canaria and in the butchery section of SPAR supermarkets on the island.

Creating new jobs

“At SPAR Gran Canaria”, said Human Resources Director, Naira Quintana, “we devised this programme together with our strategic partner Adecco. Through this project, both entities have committed to new job creation in the market. At least 60% of the participants in each course will be hired for a minimum period of six months, provided they complete the training and obtain the accrediting diploma.”

“We are responding to the needs of our customers, who require higher quality meat products from our stores. By having a team of experts familiar with the work methodology of SPAR Gran Canaria, we will be able to continue offering quality service and more specialised customer service”, added The Human Resources Director.

Adecco had identified a significant gap between the training offered to the Spanish workforce and the needs of Spanish companies. This led the company to develop training to suit the gaps in the employment market, particularly in sectors requiring qualifications and professional reorientation. The Adecco School has been developing four programmes including training for different positions. The goal is to acquire skills to increase employment opportunities, particularly in these activities. Adecco is delighted to partner with SPAR Gran Canaria to form the first Butchery School in the Canary Islands.

Source: SPAR Spain

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