SPAR Spain continue to open more stores

July 6, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

Three different partners opened new SPAR Supermarkets in June; ranging from a convenience store in Tenerife of 300 sqm through to two large supermarkets in Canyelles and Almendralejo, each with 1,000 sqm sales area.

The ongoing commitment by all partners in Spain to growing the brand through opening new stores is shown by these recent openings by the licenced partners for these territories, Agrucan SL, Fragadis SL and Lider Aliment SA.

The large supermarkets are operating under the EUROSPAR Supermarket banner, focusing on a wide assortment of products with over 5,500 SKUs available, long opening hours and service departments including delicatessen, bakery, butchery complemented by an excellent fruit and vegetable range. The frozen and dry goods areas of the stores offer a wide range of SPAR Own Brand products in addition to national brands. Customer reaction upon the opening of both of these new supermarkets was evident in the good turnover achieved after launch.

The SPAR store in Tenerife, which was developed with very modern equipment and at an investment of €375,000, focuses on providing great levels of service and is open every day of the week. There is a diverse range of products available, adapted to suit shoppers in this location and based on the experience of the other SPAR stores on the island. Consumers, both residents and tourists, welcome the availability of fresh bakery, delicatessen, butchery as well as fruit and vegetables. 13 new employment positions were created by opening this store.

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