SPAR Spain continues store growth in fourth quarter

December 19, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Spain partners in the Girona, Gran Canaria, and La Coruña regions launched four new supermarkets and redesigned three stores between September and December. These investments continue to grow the SPAR brand's footprint across the country.


SPAR Spain partner Valvi Supermercados expanded its presence with three new stores in the province of Girona. The SPAR store in Riudarenes is 270m² in size and run by a team of 4. The store has a renowned butchery, providing quality meats for customers. The SPAR Supermarket in San Pedro Pescador with a sales area of 389m² is overseen by a team of 6. This store focuses on local products from the region.

The third new SPAR store to open in Girona is in Sant Joan de les Abadesses has a retail footprint of 335m². Additionally, Valvi refurbished the SPAR store in Riudarenes de la Selva. This modernised 250m² store meets the needs of the local community.

The SPAR stores prioritise convenience and have extended opening hours, including on Sundays. They also feature an extensive selection of Catalan wines, cavas, liqueurs, and bulk wines from “Vinoteca VNTC Valvi”.

The openings reflect Valvi’s commitment to offer a comprehensive shopping experience through a diverse product range in its stores.

Gran Canaria

SPAR Gran Canaria recently renovated the SPAR store at La Garita (Las Palmas). The SPAR partner continues to improve and optimise its store network while offering quality service to customers. With a modernised 300m² sales area, the store is operated by a team of 19. Shoppers can find dedicated sections for fresh local produce in fruit and vegetables, bakery, delicatessen, and butchery.

SPAR Gran Canaria expanded its SPAR Siete Palmas supermarket, creating employment for six new colleagues, bringing the total team to 19. The renovation enhanced aesthetics and infrastructure while introducing new services and sections. SPAR Siete Palmas, which is now 298m² in size, features a new ready meals section and an upgraded bakery area.

These refurbishments place a strong emphasis on energy efficiency by optimising refrigeration and introducing electronic labelling. This aligns with SPAR Gran Canaria’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, through operating more efficient and environmentally friendly stores.

La Coruña

SPAR Spain’s licensed operator for La Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, Pontevedra, León, and Zamora region, Ignacio de Las Cuevas, opened a SPAR Express store in La Coruña in November. Covering a 150m² area, the SPAR Express store offers 1,300 products, including both SPAR Own Brand and leading brands. Dedicated sections for fruit and vegetable, delicatessen, and butchery, provide customers with a diverse selection of fresh products.

Source: SPAR Gran Canaria

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About SPAR Spain

SPAR Spain was founded in 1959 when a group of wholesalers who wished to join an international organisation came together. As a result, the brand became the first voluntary trading chain to be established in Spain, having been granted a license by SPAR International. Together, 13 regional SPAR wholesalers actively continue the expansion of the brand across the country.