SPAR South Africa supports sustainable fishing

October 20, 2016 IN THE CATEGORY: Responsible retailing, Sourcing

As a responsible retailer, SPAR South Africa acknowledges the global concern for the over-exploitation of seafood and the environmental impacts of fishing.

Realising that retailers can help drive positive change in the industry, SPAR South Africa supports sustainable and well-managed fisheries and aquaculture operations, and has taken steps to ensure that its Own Brand seafood is responsibly procured.

Sustainable seafood is defined as seafood that originates from a fishery or farm that can continue to operate indefinitely without reducing a species’ ability to maintain a viable population. Although SPAR South Africa cannot dictate procurement policies for all of its retailers, it is committed to implementing positive change with regards to the seafood procurement of all SPAR retailers through information and education.

Products closely monitored by SPAR South Africa included its Own Brand canned tuna, Norwegian Salmon, Namibian Hake and Prawns. For more information about SPAR South Africa’s Sustainable Seafood Policy, follow this link.