SPAR Slovenia reduces salt and sugar in own brand products

February 13, 2019 IN THE CATEGORY: Health, Responsible retailing

As a responsible retailer, SPAR Slovenia continues to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Triggered by a study showing that Slovenians consume too much salt and sugar, the company has set itself the ambitious goal of reducing 80 tons of sugar and 25 tons of salt in its SPAR Own Brand products by the end of 2020.

During the course of last year, SPAR Slovenia worked closely with suppliers and nutritionists to change the recipes of selected SPAR Own Brand products. The products were tested to see what reduction of salt and/or sugar was possible and samples were evaluated by a Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. After extensive analysis by the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food, the ingredients and product label were adjusted.

It’s estimated that by purchasing SPAR products with reduced sugar content, customers in Slovenia will consume 15 tons less sugar every year. The initiative was promoted through print and online advertising campaigns as well as on social media.

SPAR Slovenia has also set about reducing the amount of salt in its self produced bakery products, starting with existing, best-selling products. The salt reduction in these products alone will lead to an annual reduction in salt consumption of almost 3 tons.

Taking its commitment to health and wellness one step further, SPAR Slovenia engaged a personal trainer to help develop a 30-day motivational training programme, which was published on its website and Facebook & Instagram platforms.

All of these actions are helping SPAR customers in Slovenia lead healthier, more vital lives.

Source: SPAR Slovenia

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About SPAR Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia, operated by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG), was founded in 1992. ASPIAG is a subsidiary of SPAR Austria AG and was granted the licence to operate the brand in Slovenia by SPAR International. SPAR Slovenia has become a key employer in the country, with a Distribution Centre, bakery and corporate-owned stores providing employment opportunities.

The first SPAR store opened in the capital city, Ljubljana, in 1992. Three store formats are operated in Slovenia: SPAR, SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets. The brand is one of the most trusted companies in the country with Nielson research placing SPAR first in terms of freshness, quality and range. The SPAR Bakery, which has been continually developed, has played a key role in the overall fresh offer and has received great customer feedback.

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