SPAR Slovenia meets consumer need for organic and vegan-friendly products

March 31, 2017 IN THE CATEGORY: Own Brand and Suppliers

Consumers expect to find an increasing range of organic and vegan products on the shelves of their local supermarket instead of having to go to a specialist store. SPAR Slovenia meets this expectation, regularly introducing new products and ranges, with the latest being two new vegan product lines ‘Veganz’ and ‘Nussyy’.

As well as launching these products with a great campaign, they also highlighted their organic food range under the theme ‘IZBERI BIO’. The aim of the campaign was to position SPAR as an organic food and vegan-friendly retailer and showcase vegan products to shoppers who in principle do not avoid animal products, but seek to vary their menu.

The campaign was large in scale with a series of television and online advertisements, outdoor billboards, diverse print ads, online and mobile advertising and social media promotion, all complemented by POS advertising.

The outdoor and TV ads firstly built the brand image, which was then followed by product advertising. The promotion leaflet featured Veganz, Nussyy and BIO products in specific sections. Online advertising included: advertorials; backgrounds takeovers of the most popular internet portals; and banners. A social media and culinary website on which SPAR Slovenia created a vegan section was also featured.

On social media, the visibility of vegan products and the connection with SPAR was increased – using at least one Veganz or Nussyy product in all published recipes during the period of the campaign.

In addition to conventional digital advertising, SPAR Slovenia sought an alternative and effective way to bring Veganz and Nussyy products closer to customers. This was achieved with the help of popular and trusted influencers. This group were also the content creators – providing recipes, tests, videos and photos that were shared on their social media channels and blogs.

Vegans are very active in finding new products and stores where they can buy from. To create awareness among this target audience, SPAR Slovenia partnered with active users in the biggest vegan groups on social media. Social networks were flooded by positive comments and photos of Veganz and Nussyy products.

The campaign was successful in terms of engagement and positioned SPAR as a forward-thinking retailer with a very diverse product offer.

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