SPAR Slovenia opens eco-friendly supermarket in Logatec

September 15, 2020 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Slovenia opened a new SPAR Supermarket in Logatec, its 106th store in the country. The 1,700m2 supermarket offers customers a modern and convenient shopping experience in an eco-friendly environment. The store was newly built within seven months, and through its impressive store design, 90 parking spaces, an extensive high-quality offer and 30 qualified colleagues, the store stands out from the competition.

Eco-friendly store

The 106th SPAR store in the country in the city of Logatec, is located in the centre of Inner Carniola, between the capital Ljubljana and the city of Postojna. During construction, SPAR Slovenia focused on energy-efficient options, implementing energy-saving LED lighting as well as a transcritical CO2 system which makes use of excess heat for heating and cooling. This system makes the new store eco-friendly, requiring no traditional energy sources.

With the new SPAR Supermarket in Logatec, SPAR Slovenia has created a modern and pleasant shopping environment, in which customers can enjoy a high-quality and affordable offer, in addition to excellent customer service. The store is opened seven days a week, Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and from 8 am to 1pm on Sunday.

Strong fresh offer

A highlight of the SPAR Supermarket is the fruit and vegetable department with a real market feel. Customers can find an extensive choice of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year, with special attention paid to organic and locally sourced products. Located in the centre of the store are additional fresh food departments, including bread & pastries, a deli department and fresh meat & fish counters.

Modern store design

The supermarket design features modern sales areas, a striking glass façade and a state-of-the-art wooden roof. The SPAR Supermarket in Logatec includes all the elements of modern architecture, which in recent years has been implemented in all SPAR and INTERSPAR stores in the country.

Source: SPAR Slovenia

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About SPAR Slovenia

SPAR Slovenia, operated by ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG), was founded in 1991. ASPIAG is a subsidiary of SPAR Austria AG and was granted the licence to operate the brand in Slovenia by SPAR International. SPAR has become a key employer in the country, with a Distribution Centre, bakery and corporate-owned stores providing employment opportunities.

Three store formats are operated in Slovenia: SPAR, SPAR Supermarkets and INTERSPAR Hypermarkets. The brand is one of the most trusted companies in the country with Nielsen research placing SPAR first in terms of freshness, quality and range. The SPAR Bakery, which has been continually developed, has played a key role in the overall fresh offer and has received great customer feedback.

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