SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group Belgium introduces ‘SPAR For You’ foodservice concept

February 9, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Store openings

SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group, one of the licensed SPAR brand holders in Belgium, has launched the ‘SPAR For You’ foodservice concept aimed at the group’s Business to Business (B2B) customers.

The concept is a response to new trends including flexible working and on-the-go consumption. Now that one in two employees in Belgium no longer consumes lunch in the office, new solutions are being considered. In the past two years, employers have been looking for different ways to work even more cost-efficiently.

Three solutions

To tap into this demand, the SPAR license holder in Belgium offers companies three solutions via the ‘SPAR For You’ foodservice concept.

The smallest of the three solutions consists of smart refrigerators supplied by Solucious, Colruyt group’s B2B foodservice. The second option is the food corner, which consists of two smart refrigerators, a coffee machine, a water tap, and industrial microwave ovens that could be supplemented with a seating area. The biggest of the three options is a minimarket, featuring self-service and an extensive range of food, drinks, and non-food, allowing employees to do their grocery shopping at work.

A number of ‘SPAR For You’ test projects have been set up in recent months, including the installation of smart refrigerators at the ISS headquarters and SN Brussels Airlines. At the beginning of 2023, UCB, a Belgian multinational company in bio pharmacy, implemented three different ‘SPAR For You’ fixtures at its site in Braine-l’Alleud.

Source: SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group

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About SPAR Belgium

SPAR was launched in Belgium in 1947, representing the first step in the brand’s international development. Two partners – Retail Partners Colruyt Group and Lambrechts – now operate over 300 SPAR branded stores across the country.

SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group, which operates both the SPAR and EUROSPAR formats, accounts for over 80% of total SPAR sales generated through a combination of company-owned and independently operated stores. SPAR Lambrechts focuses on serving customers with the SPAR and SPAR Express formats, supporting independent retailers.


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