SPAR regional operators in Belgium continue investing in the brand

December 3, 2021 IN THE CATEGORY: Digital and Marketing, Store openings

SPAR’s multi-channel strategy offers customer an array of options to meet their needs in a fast-evolving marketplace. SPAR Belgium operator Lambrechts launched a new e-commerce platform at the end of October, offering SPAR independent retailers an agile system to run their online orders. Two independently owned SPAR stores in Belgium have been upgraded to the latest SPAR retail concept. Serviced by SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group, these supermarkets also provide fresh high-quality foods and a warm customer service.

Additional shopping channel

The platform enables independent SPAR retailers to swiftly fulfil online orders based on the individual retail offer, tailored to their local community.

Developed in collaboration with several SPAR retailers, the final solution went live on 19 October in a trial with the SPAR Supermarket in Helchteren. All SPAR Lambrechts affiliated retailers will be able to join the platform, a valuable tool in today’s digital opportunities.

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New generation SPAR store

Two independently operated SPAR stores, in Ivoz-Ramet and Peer serviced by SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group, have reopened their doors after a complete makeover. Sustainable solutions integrated in the designs include energy-efficient CO2 cooling systems and LED lights.

The new generation convenience store in Ivoz-Ramet boasts a fine range of fresh foods, including a delicatessen, a food-to-go counter, a fish department, a top-quality butchery and served cold-cuts. SPAR independent retailers Florette and Benjamin, together with their 19 team members, strive to delight their customers and offer a true culinary experience. High-quality pastries and crispy bread from a local artisanal bakery are another highlight.

The 942m2 SPAR Supermarket’s customer base consists of local residents and employees of nearby companies. Benjamin said: “With this new SPAR retail concept, we have broadened our scope and attract new customers to our longstanding SPAR Supermarket.”

SPAR retailer invests in modernisation

The SPAR Supermarket in Peer, known for its friendly service, now offers a fresh market feel and an enhanced shopping experience. Entrepreneurs Peter and Frie have been in the retail business for 24 years and joined the SPAR Brand in 2019. “We have been given so many opportunities to grow and improve through the professional support of SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group. We have invested significantly in this major renovation to be prepared for the future.”

The store features a served counter with fine cheese and cold cuts, an assortment of ready-made meals, salads and snacks, and a well-stocked bakery. The expanded food-to-go range offers customers with busy lifestyles the possibility to enjoy healthy, tasty meals that are prepared onsite.

Source: SPAR Lambrechts and SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group

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About SPAR Belgium

SPAR was launched in Belgium in 1947, representing the first step in the brand’s international development. Two partners – Retail Partners Colruyt Group and Lambrechts – now operate over 300 SPAR branded stores across the country.

SPAR Retail Partners Colruyt Group, which operates both the SPAR and EUROSPAR formats, accounts for over 80% of total SPAR sales generated through a combination of company-owned and independently operated stores. SPAR Lambrechts focuses on serving customers with the SPAR and SPAR Express formats, supporting independent retailers.

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