SPAR Qatar launches premium supermarket in Doha

August 8, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: All News

Having built up market awareness through six INTERSPAR Hypermarkets, SPAR Qatar sees an opportunity to increase market presence through supermarkets. Tapping into the multi-format retail strategy which has built up significant SPAR presence in 48 countries, a SPAR Supermarket opened in Doha in June. Located in the suburb of Bin Mahmood in Doha Al Jazeera, the 385m2 sales area has a premium offer.

Investment in Modernisation

Following the complete renovation of an existing store, customers expressed enthusiasm for the new SPAR Supermarket in their community. The store layout is designed to enhance the customer shopping experience. Design features that showcase the product ranges available have been integrated throughout.

In addition to a grocery offering, customers can enjoy the selection of produce in the fruit and vegetable department. From there, they move into the butchery area with an adjacent delicatessen counter. A fish section offers a range of popular products whilst ethnic food is available at a dedicated counter. The former store operating in this location did not have the same breadth of assortment, a point on which customers commented favourably since the opening on 8 June.

Launch Celebration

To commemorate the occasion, SPAR Qatar held an official opening ceremony on 19 June 2023. The spirit of collaboration for which SPAR is known was highlighted through invited suppliers and media representatives. A ribbon-cutting ceremony announced the official opening and the celebration continued with a cake-cutting ceremony.

SPAR Qatar opened its first hypermarket in November 2017 and has continued to invest in the brand since that time. Investment is being not only made through the opening of high-quality stores but also in developing the retail skills of the teams so essential to delivering great customer service. Utilising the extensive SPAR network to garner best practice examples and adapt concepts to suit the needs of local communities is integral to the continued growth.

Source: SPAR Qatar

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About SPAR Qatar

Al Wataniya International Holding was granted the license to operate the SPAR brand in the market of Qatar in 2015. SPAR Qatar has focused on establishing the most appropriate retail and supply chain model for the brand.  

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