SPAR partners explore renewable solar energy

November 16, 2023 IN THE CATEGORY: Climate, Responsible retailing

With the rising prices of fossil fuel, as well as constraints on the environment, renewable energy sources are becoming more attractive for both householders and businesses. SPAR Hungary and SPAR Slovenia are just two markets exploring sources for greener electricity in alignment with their sustainability strategy goals. This was just one topic addressed at the Independent Retail Europe conference held this week.

SPAR Hungary

Currently, four SPAR Supermarkets in Hungary are equipped with photovoltaic systems, together generating 230-240 MWh of electricity yearly. Installed panels cover 12-13% of total electricity consumption in each store.

The installation of photovoltaic systems is just a part of SPAR Hungary energy-conscious efforts. To reduce the purchase of natural gas, attention is now on energy-efficiency in stores. Energy saving refrigeration systems and door-mounted coolers help to minimise energy loss. Installation of heat-pump systems ensures efficient heating and cooling systems while waste heat is utilised, creating a circular system instore.

SPAR Slovenia

Last year, SPAR Slovenia built the first photovoltaic plant on the roof of the distribution centre in Ljubljana. The plant covers around 16% of their electricity needs. This year, panels will be installed on the roofs of three SPAR store buildings, having an expected capacity of 8-20% of electricity needs for each store. This will diversify each store’s energy profile with green energy while helping to avoid a total of 183 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Efficient use of renewable energy is a key goal in SPAR Slovenia’s sustainability vision. By years end, the company intends to build 15 additional photovoltaic plants on the roofs of other store buildings.

Responsible retailing

Further acceleration of energy efficiency systems instore through investment in renewable energy solutions reduces environmental impact, meets the sustainability goals of both organisations, as well as saves energy costs while driving energy independence.

Sources: SPAR Hungary, SPAR Slovenia

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